What Los Angeles Chef Parents Did For a Living

Chef Los Angeles

Ricardo Zarate's mom spent time in the Peruvian military.


Esdras Ochoa (Mexicali Taco & Co.)

My dad’s a correctional officer. He’s a C.O. And my mom, she’s a stay at home mom.

David LeFevre (Fishing With Dynamite + M.B. Post)

My father was a pharmacist and my mother was an occupational therapist, so that’s why I’m a chef…My dad used to paint white hairs on his beard so people would trust him, because he was a young pharmacist.

Ian Gresik (Drago Centro)

My mom was a principal. My father was a consultant [for Andersen Consulting]. My mom was the figurehead who always told me to show up in school. That’s probably why I had perfect attendance in culinary school. That was the only subject that I succeed in, was cooking.

Michael Cimarusti (Connie and Ted’s + Providence)

My mother was a stay at home mom and my father is a doctor of organic chemistry. He worked for years at Bristol-Myers Squibb as a research chemist.

Chef Los Angeles

Perry Cheung practically grew up in the garment industry, his parents’ field.

Perry Cheung (Phorage)

I grew up in the garment industry. I’ve been working since I was 5…in a garment manufacturing facility. That’s what got me into what I’m into today. I’m very repetitious and very methodical in everything I do. I can sit there all day just doing one thing. I have that concentration. There are a lot of people who can’t just sit there doing one thing. It’s just all about temperament…[My parents] retired. My mom, she still does it part time because she loves what she does. As an immigrant family, that’s what she did when she came here, and that’s what she learned, from the bottom up. That’s how she made a living for the family, and why I’m where I’m at today.

Gino Angelini (Angelini Osteria + RivaBella)

Chef Angelini

Gino Angelini’s father baked bricks in an Italian factory.

My father worked in the fornaci (factory). He baked bricks. My mother, she was blind, she stayed home and with my grandmother, they made food all day.


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