Which Sport Teams Do Leading Chefs Cheer?

Chef Los Angeles

Michael Cimarusti (right) grew up in New Jersey, but now bleeds Dodgers blue.

At L.A. Loves Alex’s Lemonade, which raised $1 million to battle childhood cancer, I asked 19 participating chefs, If you could only root for one sports team, what would it be and why?

David LeFevre (The Arthur J + Fishing With Dynamite + M.B. Post)

Green Bay Packers, because I was born and bred in Wisconsin, and as soon you come out, they slap you in the butt and you say, “Go Green Bay!” From that point on, you’re a Green Bay fan, and if you’re not, basically there’s something wrong with you.

Ray Garcia (B.S. Taqueria + Broken Spanish)

Bruins or the Dodgers, one of those two. I was raised a big Dodgers fan in L.A. Then I came to UCLA and became a UCLA football fan from that. Right now, they’re neck and neck.

Michael Cimarusti (Providence + Connie & Ted’s)

Dodgers, because they’re just my favorite team. I’m an Angeleno now. They are Los Angeles, in many, many ways. Adrian Gonzalez is one of my favorite players, and Andre Ethier, he’s the man.

Chef Portland

Tyler Malek is from Portland, but since they don’t have an NFL team, he turned to a neighboring state.

Tyler Malek (Salt & Straw)

This is easy. The Seattle Seahawks. I grew up a Seahawks fan, and I feel like most everything I learned from business is from watching the Seahawks. I love this idea of how they rotate their roster and take care of their team members. I learned so much just how to run a kitchen from them.

Jonathan Grahm (Compartes)

The Lakers, because I’m a native Angeleno, and if I didn’t say the Lakers, I’d probably be shot.

Ben Ford (Ford’s Filling Station)

My family’s from the Midwest. They’re from Chicago and Milwaukee, so we’re Packer fans. We’ve definitely got ownership in our Green Bay Packers. I have my balance. My AFC team, I like the Dolphins. I grew up watching Bob Griese play, and Mercury Morris. I love those two teams, and I don’t have to choose between NFC and AFC anymore.

Neal Fraser (BLD, Fritzi Dog + Redbird)

The L.A. Dodgers. It’s in my blood. I’m a native Angeleno.

Michael Fiorelli (Love & Salt)

Giants, because I’m a New Yorker, a Long Islander.

Cosmo Goss (The Publican)

I’d root for Clayton Kershaw, not even a sports team. I bleed Dodger blue. I’m a native. I was born in L.A., and who doesn’t like a good southpaw? He’s the new Sandy Koufax. He’s the dream.



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