Los Angeles Chefs Praise Dishes from Other Restaurants

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Find out which L.A. chef gives props to In-N-Out.


Jason Neroni (Superba Snack Bar)

The Cruller Donuts from Plan Check. It is an amazing dessert and I love donuts. The best way to finish a burger is with this dessert.

Chris Oh (Seoul Sausage)

The dish I wish I developed is… the cachetada de chorizo from Mexicali Taco. This reinvented classic tostada has every flavor and texture profile a chef could want! You have the classic crunch of the tortilla, the gooey melted cheese, the spice and tang from the chorizo, the creaminess of the aioli, the acidity from the plethora of salsas and to top it off… a nice fried sunny side up egg!!!! Foodgasm!

Matt Poley (Heirloom LA)

The dish that I most wish I had developed is the Queso at Bar Ama, hands down. Nothing says fun like Queso. The fact that Chef Josef [Centeno] had the foresight to list the Queso as the first item on his menu, makes it an automatic order. Customize it with Avocado or Chorizo or don’t, we have been to eat there at least fifteen times and every time we order Queso, and when we run into fellow chefs at Bar Ama, they having just came from their respected restaurants that cook the finest of menu items, they have all been enjoying a bowl of delicious hot Queso, the best chefs in LA love Queso and Josef nailed it.

Ernesto Uchimura (Plan Check)

The Lobster Burger at Central by Michel Richard. Although it was created a few years back it is still is inspiring to me to this day, not only is it innovative, creative and delicious but it combines one of my favorite ingredients (lobster) in my favorite food formats (burgers).


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