Concerts That Chefs Enjoyed Recently

Chef Chicago

Rick Tramonto and his family are willing to go to great lengths to rock.


Kelly Liken (Restaurant Kelly Liken)

Gladys Knight. We saw Smokey Robinson the same week. It was at the Vilar Performing Arts Center in Beaver Creek, Colorado…Amazing.

Thomas McNaughton (Flour + Water, Central Kitchen + Salumeria)

I saw the Black Keys last year in the East Bay…It was awesome.

Francois Payard

My last concert maybe was Madonna, a long time ago…Madison Square.

Richard Reddington (Redd + Redd Wood)

I just got tickets to Prince in San Francisco. Last concert I saw was Radiohead in Philadelphia last summer…It was amazing. I saw them here in San Jose and then we traveled and went to Philly and saw them there. It was great. I’m getting older, but it was fun. I’m that generation where I used to go see the [Grateful] Dead. If I could get a chance to go see stuff, some newer music like the guy Bon Iver. People are turning me on to the music and I would love to go see it. Radiohead. Then I’m going to see this Prince show in a really small venue, the DNA Lounge, so that’s going to be really fun…I saw Iron & Wine recently too. It was really good. Same thing, like Bon Iver, it’s a little mellow, but they’re great musicians. That was at the Warfield. That was probably a year-and-a-half ago. For me, Prince is a musician and those guys are really good singer-songwriters. Any chance I get to go see that stuff, I’m good.

Jonathon Sawyer (The Greenhouse Tavern + Noodlecat)

Sleigh Bells [at House of Blues in Cleveland]. They’re all huge foodies and I just love their shredding guitars, electronica, and her voice…They stayed in town for two days and she had ramen the first night, and after the concert we all hung out and cooked and ate at the Tavern.

Susan Spicer (Bayona + Mondo)

It’s been way, way, way too long, since I love music. It was probably in a little club in New Orleans…It was probably the Creole String Beans in New Orleans. Friends of mine [at Chickie Wa Wa on Canal.]

Rick Tramonto (Restaurant R’evolution, Tramonto Steak and Seafood, Osteria di Tramonto, RT Lounge)

It’s really interesting that you say that. I took my kids to the reunion show of Led Zeppelin in London. That was the last show I was at…Awesome. Unbelievable.

Geoffrey Zakarian (The Lambs Club, The National Bar & Dining Rooms, The Water Club, Ocean Blue)

Steely Dan at the Borgata. No, it was Donald Fagen, last year…They’re amazing. Donald Fagen is a fucking genius…Amazing guy. Amazing. He sounded like it was yesterday.


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