Concerts That Chefs Enjoyed Recently

Chef Chicago

Rick Tramonto and his family are willing to go to great lengths to rock.

At Pebble Beach Food & Wine, I asked 16 chefs several cultural questions, including: What was the last concert that you saw? Their answers might surprise you.

Abram Bissell (The NoMad)

I saw Phil Lesh & Friends a couple years ago [in Raleigh, North Carolina.] That was pretty good.

Anne Burrell

Oh my god, this makes me sound like I don’t get out much, and I guess really what I do is work all the time. The last concert that I saw was R.E.M. at Madison Square Garden, and that was a couple years ago…I just adore them. Michael Stipe is a friend of mine. They’re always amazing.

Dean Fearing (Fearing’s at The Ritz-Carlton, Dallas)

It was going to be Eric Clapton in Dallas, which was going to be fantastic, but I ended up having to do a private party. It was Blue Rodeo. I went to Toronto to see their 25th Anniversary show at Massey Hall, a famous hall is in Toronto, a small Vaudeville hall. Blue Rodeo knocked it out of the park.

Tyler Florence

The last concert I saw was not in person. It was actually on television. It was LCD Soundsystem’s final show at Madison Square Garden. It’s a really great documentary called “Shut Up And Play The Hits,” which I think is fantastic. We have so much going on, especially with the kids, we don’t really get out a whole lot anymore.

Jose Garces

The Black Keys at Revel in Atlantic City, where I happen to have a couple restaurants…The show was awesome. The show was really good, but in the concert vein, I’ve been into stand-up lately. I saw Louis C.K. and Louis Black, both really good.

Carla Hall

The last concert that I saw, Loose Ends at the Howard Theatre in Washington, D.C. Two weeks ago, I saw an ’80s band, Loose Ends…It was good. They played all the music from when I was in college, and that music I remember.

Matthew Lightner (Atera)

The last concert that I saw was Beirut in Central Park…Great. Really amazing.



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It is Massey hall not “Macy” Hall. 🙂

Kirsten, thanks for the correction. I updated the post to read Massey Hall, versus Macy Hall.

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