Which Sport Teams Do Leading Chefs Cheer?

Chef Los Angeles

Michael Cimarusti (right) grew up in New Jersey, but now bleeds Dodgers blue.


Bruce Kalman (Union Pasadena)

I would have to say the New York Giants. I’m a Giants fan at heart. I grew up 10 minutes away from the Meadowlands, and I used to go to games when I was a kid.

Steve Samson (Sotto)

Probably the Dodgers. I grew up with them. Or the Italian national soccer team. Gosh. If it was a World Cup game, I would obviously watch Italy play, above anything else. Let’s go with them, the Azzurri.

Adam Perry Lang

The [Wisconsin] Badgers. If I had to pick one, I’d say basketball. I went there.

Chef Phoenix

Chris Bianco is a longtime Phoenician who favors the local basketball team.

Chris Bianco (Pizzeria Bianco, Pane Bianco + Bar Bianco)

I’d probably say my favorite hometown team, the Phoenix Suns. My new hometown. They haven’t won a championship yet, so I’d like to give them a little love.

Marc Vetri (Vetri Family)

That’s an easy question. The Philadelphia Eagles. That’s my team. I’m from Philly. I’ve been through the wars with them, love ‘em, hate ‘em, ups and downs, all the way arounds. That’s my team, no matter what, thick and thin.

Donald Link (Link Restaurant Group)

It would be the Saints. They’re my home team. I live there.

Jenn Louis (Lincoln + Sunshine Tavern)

I would root for whoever is going to lose, because then sports season is over.

John Besh

The Saints, because the team gave hope to everybody in New Orleans after [Hurricane] Katrina and brought home a Super Bowl.

Michael Voltaggio (ink. + ink. sack)

I’m going to say the Lakers, just because they had a hard year last year, and I hope they come back this year.

Michael Schwartz (The Genuine Hospitality Group)

I’m from Philly, but I’ve been in Miami like twentysomething years, so I adopted some of the Miami teams, like the Heat, but I’m an Eagles fan. I’m going to say Eagles. I guess I love to be miserable because they disappoint every year. They build you up and then just shit on you every year. But I’m hopeful every year, because I’m a Philly guy.


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