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Crab Los Angeles

Crab Cake LA Maryland Blue Crab

If Marylanders routinely eat like they do at Crab Cake LA, I was clearly born in the wrong state. On July 31, renowned Maryland chefs Michael Voltaggio, Bryan Voltaggio, Duff Goldman, and D.C. born...
Chef Los Angeles

Which Sport Teams Do Leading Chefs Cheer?

At L.A. Loves Alex’s Lemonade, which raised $1 million to battle childhood cancer, I asked 19 participating chefs, If you could only root for one sports team, what would it be and why? David...
Chef Los Angeles

Interview: chef Michael Voltaggio (ink. + Breaking Borders)

For the first time since Michael Voltaggio edged brother Bryan in “Top Chef” Season 6, the inventive L.A. chef behind ink. and ink. sack returns to TV with “Breaking Borders.” In the Travel Channel...
Pork Los Angeles

Ink. Lollipop Kale with Fried Pig Ears [CLOSED]

Despite persistent rumors, lollipop kale was not the food of choice for Munchkins on “The Wizard of Oz” set. Instead, the diminutive vegetable is apparently a hybrid of red kale and Brussels sprouts, and...
Chef Los Angeles

Firing Squad: Why Los Angeles Chefs Let People Go

At Pebble Beach Food & Wine, I asked six chefs a cautionary question: “The last person that you fired, what did they do, or not do, to warrant it?” Their answers might surprise you....
Pacific Ocean View

2014 Pebble Beach Food & Wine: Food Highlights

Pebble Beach Food & Wine, the luxurious four-day festival from Coastal Luxury Management and Food & Wine magazine, drew dozens of talented chefs from across the United States. Here are some of the memorable...