What Movies Have Chefs Watched Recently?

Chef Napa Valley

Richard Reddington was willing to take a road trip to join James Bond in a movie theater.

At Pebble Beach Food & Wine, I asked 14 chefs several cultural questions, including: What was the last movie that you saw in a theater? Their answers might surprise you.

Geoffrey Zakarian (The Lambs Club, The National Bar & Dining Rooms, The Water Club, Ocean Blue)

I don’t see movies in theaters anymore. I download them on my iPad, but I will tell you that I watched “Annie Hall” Wednesday, on the flight here… It’s probably one of the most incredible movies ever made. Probably the reason why I moved to Manhattan was because of that movie.

Rick Tramonto (Restaurant R’evolution, Tramonto Steak and Seafood, Osteria di Tramonto, RT Lounge)

“Lincoln” was the last movie that I saw with my wife.

Susan Spicer (Bayona + Mondo)

The last movie I saw in a theater was either “Lincoln,” or when I was in New York, I went to see “Oz” because I thought I should see it on a big screen. I was by myself. I just watched “The Master” at home. It was pretty interesting. It was with Joaquin Phoenix…It was a little bizarre, but it was really interesting.

Jonathon Sawyer (The Greenhouse Tavern + Noodlecat)

I saw “Legend of The Guardians” in the theater. I saw “The Hobbit” twice with my kids. Every kid’s movie that’s been out we’ve pretty much seen. We’re suckers for movie theaters. I snuck out by myself and saw “Django Unchained” without any kids or family or anybody…I thought it was awesome. I thought it was a return to blood and guts Tarantino, but it was still witty. Christopher Waltz, that guy was awesome. Samuel L.’s character was awesome and Dicaprio’s character was awesome. Not that Jamie Foxx wasn’t good, but he didn’t speak that much. He was just a stoic, cold-blooded killer. I thought it was really good.

Richard Reddington (Redd + Redd Wood)

The last James Bond flick, “Skyfall.” Before that, it’s hard to say, because I never go to the movies… I liked it. I live in Napa Valley, and for me, from my house, it’s 45 minutes to a movie theater. It’s always good to get away from work.

Francois Payard

“Zero Dark Thirty.” I liked it very much. I’m sorry, I’m like every guy, I like action…I work all day and I have to deal with everybody’s problems. I go home, take a shower, go to the gym, and when I watch a movie, put my head somewhere else. That’s what you need, to put your head somewhere else. Don’t think about work every day. It’s very hard to detach yourself from work. Anyplace, you are always in touch over the phone. That’s a problem when you’re a chef. I’m in touch with Japan, Korea, Vegas, and you always have events. What did you used to do 10 years ago? I respond tomorrow and you get the e-mail tomorrow. We all get upset. It’s an addiction.



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