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16. Spago

Number of Courses: one menu of five courses and one menu of eight courses
Cost: Five-course is $125, $175 with wine pairing; the eight-course is $150, $220 with wine pairing
Representative Dishes: the tasting menus change daily depending on what the chef finds at the market and by what inspires him.
Summary: Spago, sprouted from the famous mind of Wolfgang Puck and headed by Chef Lee Hefter, features a market-driven menu that highlights the best of California. Yes, there are more than 30,000 bottles of wine here, warranting a Grand Award from Wine Spectator magazine, so pairings are encouraged.

17. Superba Snack Bar [CLOSED]

Number of Courses: four courses + dessert
Cost: $45
Representative Dishes: Wakame spaghettini + smoked bucatini carbonara
Summary: Chef Jason Neroni, who partnered with Paul Hibler on the American Gonzo Food Corporation, was inspired by one of his favorite New York City restaurants, Babbo, to create a pasta tasting menu. Since pasta’s a specialty at this California influenced restaurant with a pop art environment, that’s what he highlights. Neroni features the aforementioned pasta dishes and rotates the remaining two pastas seasonally. There is a gluten-free option as well.

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18. Trois Mec

Number of Courses: approximately five courses
Cost: Depends on the menu; currently $75
Representative Dishes: The menu is constantly evolving varies, though early signatures include BBQ carrots and potato purée.
Summary: To dine here, you must purchase a ticket (and register online to do so), but it’s worth it at one of L.A.’s hottest restaurants right now, combining the talents of three of the city’s hottest chefs (Ludo Lefebvre, Vinny Dotolo, and Jon Shook). Expect exquisite cuisine presented in earthy Japanese-style pottery.

19. Urasawa

Number of Courses: The number of courses vary, though Chef Urasawa will make sure you don’t leave hungry.
Cost: $350 a person
Representative Dishes: Wagyu beef tartare + sushi + shabu shabu
Summary: As one of the best restaurants (not just sushi, but overall) this side of the Mississippi, Urasawa is a real experience. Chef-owner Hiroyuki Urasawa offers only one seating a night, only a few spots at the sushi bar, with a menu made up of only the finest ingredients from one of the true master sushi chefs. Sure, a meal can run about $1000 for 2, but the address is on Rodeo Drive, it will be a food night for the ages.

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20. WP24

Number of Courses: one for three and one for four
Cost: three courses for $80 and four courses for $110
Representative Dishes: hot and sour soup with king crab + crispy suckling pig with black plum puree
Summary: WP24 is another stellar restaurant from Wolfgang Puck, located on the 24th floor of downtown’s Ritz-Carlton hotel, that leans towards an inventive and modern take on Chinese cuisine. With a phenomenal view from one of the biggest names in present-day iconic chefs, doesn’t it just beg for a visit?

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