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Seafood Los Angeles

WP24 Santa Barbara Spot Prawns [CLOSED]

When it’s spot prawn season, hopefully you’re in the know, since this wonderful West Coast crustacean has some of the sweetest meat of any sea creature. I was lucky enough to have dinner at...

Top Los Angeles Tasting Menus

With so many amazing restaurants across this sprawled-out city, it can be tough to find just the right dining experience at just the right location. It can be even more of a challenge when...
Chinese Food Los Angeles

WP24: Chinese Cuisine With Wolfgang Puck at L.A. LIVE [CLOSED]

When AEG announced plans for L.A. LIVE, their $2.5 billion mixed-use development in downtown L.A., they started with the square, since that was the first section to open. However, it wasn’t long before people...