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Sashimi Los Angeles

Top Los Angeles Tasting Menus

With so many amazing restaurants across this sprawled-out city, it can be tough to find just the right dining experience at just the right location. It can be even more of a challenge when...
Calzone Los Angeles

Week in Pictures: Mixed Green Flatbreads, Charity, Calzones, Hemp Vodka + More

Every week involves a seemingly continuous stream of food, drinks and people. Of course not every taste or conversation is post-able, but the range of experiences is usually pretty amazing. Discover highlights from September...
Cupcake Los Angeles

Top L.A. Pastry Chefs Battle Breast Cancer

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and this year, the sponsoring coalition of national public service organizations, professional medical associations and government agencies is celebrating 25 years of “awareness, education and empowerment.” To...
Restaurant Los Angeles

Hatfield’s: More Gastronomy Than Glitz on Melrose at 2.0 [CLOSED]

In Los Angeles, there are limits to just how fancy restaurateurs are able to push fine dining. There’s no longer demand for grand palaces like L’Orangerie. Instead, people flock to places like The Bazaar,...
Restaurant Los Angeles

Hatfield’s: Market-Driven Mid-City Restaurant From Talented Couple [CLOSED]

Considering how trendy Beverly Boulevard has become, it was a matter of time before Le Chine Wok was jettisoned from the neighborhood. In its stead is Quinn and Karen Hatfield’s eponymous, market-driven restaurant. The...