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Donut Los Angeles

Los Angeles may have more donut shops per capita than any other city in the United States, but rarely are the deep-fried rings actually worth the oil-soaked calories. Thankfully, some of the city’s leading pastry chefs have entered the fray, offering destination donuts at bakery/cafes like Huckleberry, Republique, and my recent favorite, The Sycamore Kitchen.

At The Sycamore Kitchen, chef Karen Hatfield, who owns the industrial chic Mid-City café with chef/husband Quinn, fills a counter with sweet cornucopia of glorious pastries. Depending on the time of day, glass-shielded trays may host raised donuts in basic flavors like chocolate, or if you’re really lucky, rosemary caramel.

The Rosemary Caramel Donut ($2.75) is downright pillowy, with a sticky glaze that surrounds the ring, which resembles a delicious inner tube. The donut also delivers a savory hit from the light dusting of sea salt and bits of fragrant torn herb. Hopefully L.A.’s café donut trend continues, because there’s no need to limit leading specimens like these to donut shops.

Address: 143 S La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90036

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This is definitely the kind of post that makes me think, “I need to have that,” and then immediately start plotting how and when that’s going to happen.

Diana, don’t overthink this, just go to The Sycamore Kitchen tomorrow, but call ahead, since they roll out different pastries at different times of day.

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