Dose of Vitamin P: The Gorbals Banh Mi Poutine [CLOSED]

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Poutine Los Angeles

"Top Chef" champ Ilan Hall makes fusion work at The Gorbals with banh mi poutine.

The words appeared crisp on The Gorbals‘ menu, and yet, the concept didn’t quite make sense. Banh Mi Poutine? This could either be an unholy Vietnamese and Quebecois alliance or the greatest comfort food of all time. The dish, which started as a staff meal at Ilan Hall’s still-evolving restaurant in the depths of downtown’s Alexandria Hotel, now features prominently (and promisingly) under the “PIG” section of the menu. The $12 plate subs firm-but-not-dry French fries for baguette. Instead of mozzarella curds and gravy, the kitchen crew piles the fries with fresh mozzarella and pulled pork that coats the fries with porcine runoff. Up top, expect a trio of traditional banh mi accoutrements: cilantro, crunchy pickled carrots and spicy jalapeños, along with julienne cucumbers. The dish was recognizable as poutine, recognizable as a “baguette,” and most importantly, tasted good. For once, we encountered fusion that basically works, and even better, it involved pork.

Dose of Vitamin P spotlights my favorite pork dish from the previous week.


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Now I really want to try this! And I would definitely join in on the BYOP action.

I really liked this when I tried it. Glad to see it’s staying on the menu!


Hopefully this story will help to keep banh mi poutine around, but nothing’s untouchable at The Gorbals – even bacon wrapped matzo balls – so get it while you can.

mmm if only it had pate too!

Stuffycheaks, BYOP. Bring Your Own Pate.

You were brave to try it. The chances of this being good were, by my calculations, almost zilch. Now, I can try it without fear. Thanks.

Eastside Food Bites,

I was skeptical at first, and more than a little confused, but The Gorbals make a convincing argument with their mash-up. If you go, hope you like it. In general, the restaurant has improved in the past year.

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