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Breakfast By Salt’s Cure Picnic Ham (Dose of Vitamin P)

Concepts rarely get as focused as Breakfast by Salt’s Cure, a Salt’s Cure spinoff from chef Chris Phelps in the restaurant’s original West Hollywood location. The sleek, retooled specializes in oatmeal griddle cakes and...
Chinese Food San Francisco

Old Shanghai Meat Pastry (Dose of Vitamin P)

Experiencing a simple but surprising new dish for the first time is always a treat. I’ve enjoyed plenty of Shanghai-style cuisine over the years across the San Gabriel Valley, but I’ve never found the...
Sandwich Los Angeles

Dan’s Super Subs Mamma Mia Sandwich (Dose of Vitamin P)

Not every sandwich shop can achieve destination status and warrant a 45-minute drive across the city. Let’s show some respect for the neighborhood sandwich joint that regularly packs in workers and locals and churns...
Pork San Diego

Herb & Wood Iberico Pork Secreto (Dose of Vitamin P)

When I wrote about Saturday’s Little Italy Mercado in 2014, a representative from the Little Italy Association of San Diego took issue with my use of the word “burgeoning” to describe the neighborhood. At...
Sandwich Los Angeles

Gwen Salami Sandwich (Dose of Vitamin P)

Gwen, the meaty, wood-fired spectacle from world-renowned chef Curtis Stone and brother Luke, takes on a very different tone by day. Tantalizing pastries line the counter near a St. ALi coffee bar, and an...
Brunch Los Angeles

Love & Salt Mortadella Toast (Dose of Vitamin P)

I’m not as infuriated by avocado toast as many food writers, but I do appreciate toasted bread with ingredients and techniques that aren’t easy to replicate at home. Of course it helps to have...
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