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Short Order reimagines eggs Benedict with a ham and pork patty and aged Cheddar cheese.

When Nancy Silverton, her late friend and fellow chef Amy Pressman, and business partner Bill Chait first set out to redefine the modern L.A. burger destination with Short Order/strong>, brunch was not the main focus, though they did foreshadow the meal in the far right column of a paper place mat menu in December. The following month, Short Order executive chef Christian Page rolled out weekend brunch at the sleek two-story building on the perimeter of the Original Farmers Market, featuring a compact but compelling menu that pays tribute to Americana.

My favorite menu item – the Benedict Burger ($11) – more or less resembled eggs Benedict, with a supple Short Cake English muffin split down the middle, laid on its back like a tortoise and topped with a fried egg and tangy, chive-showered Hollandaise. Short Order is big on messaging where they source ingredients, so we knew the fried and well-seasoned “golden fertile” egg came from Chino Valley Ranchers. Instead of traditional ham, they crafted thick, juicy patties using smoky North Country Smokehouse ham and sustainably raised Langley Farms pork. Widmer’s aged cheddar provided the finishing touch. There’s no doubt this is Benedict, but redefined.

Dose of Vitamin P spotlights my favorite pork dish from the previous week.


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