DKB Restaurant Pork Baby Back Ribs [CLOSED]

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There was a time – 2008 – when KyoChon vs. BonChon was still a debate, and the Korean imports battled for fried chicken supremacy on 6th Street in Koreatown. The only bird left standing is Kyochon, and Mattatouille tipped me off that DKB Restaurant filled BonChon’s kooky shoes. The space now features tables that resemble oversized hubcaps and red stools that are basically cushioned trash cans. The name, short for Du Kuh Bee is even quirky, with an English translation of toad, or possibly bullfrog, depending on how particular you are about amphibians. Anyhoo, DKB, which moved down the mountain from La Crescenta, specializes in rib stews, which are only available in double orders, and we opted for Pork Baby Back Ribs ($12.99 x 2 = $25.98).

Meat on the tender, spice soaked ribs pulls easily from the bones. Slabs of oyster mushroom, crunchy (but not for long) bean sprouts, onions and scallions all join the spicy fray. If you’re interested in a more varied meal, pair the stew with Herb Rice ($3.99), studded with chewy, slightly bitter greens, and save room for Fried Rice ($3), which involves broth from the dredged stew, plus sesame oil, nori strips, chopped kimchi, and scallions. The cumulative result is a lip stinging, lingering heat.

Dose of Vitamin P spotlights my favorite pork dish from the previous week.

Address: 3407 West 6th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90010

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