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Korean Food Los Angeles

Rib Service Salted Pork Spare Ribs [CLOSED]

Korean-style pork spare ribs are not cut like other styles I’ve experienced. Thin wing-like flaps are kept attached during the butchering process, leaving a lot more surface area to pick up char on the...
Korean Food Los Angeles

Han Mi Jung Goat Marinara

A parking sign featuring a bearded goat with twin horns makes the focus clear at Han Mi Jung, a restaurant that’s promised “the taste of Korea” just south of Koreatown since 2012. Goat is...
Korean Food Los Angeles

Sinuiju Chapssal Soondae Squid Soondae

Soondae, Korean pork blood sausage, is a popular street food in North Korea that’s proliferated to the Republic of Korea. Inevitably, soondae made the leap to L.A., home to by far the largest Korean-American...
Korean Food Los Angeles

Mom & Bop Fat Belly

Mom & Bop is a family-run Korean Asian Kitchen located across Pico Boulevard from Santa Monica College in a strip mall called Pico Center. Chef Michelle Yum’s mix-and-match menu specializes in salads and bowls,...
Korean Barbecue Los Angeles

8 Korean BBQ Pork Belly

8 Korean BBQ, Grace Min’s pork-focused restaurant that previously went by Palsaik Samgyupsal, now showcases eight different flavors of pork belly at three locations: L.A.’s Koreatown, Buena Park, and Singapore. Min makes it clear...
Korean Food Los Angeles

Baroo Karma Circulation

If any Los Angeles restaurant has built up karma, it’s Baroo, a tiny spot from chef Kwang Uh and business partner Matthew Kim that preaches fermentation in an unassuming strip mall, but has earned...