Chuen Hing Chow Mein [CLOSED]

Chinese Food Los Angeles

Chuen Hing serves one of the San Gabriel Valley's all-time great dishes.

Chuen Hing, a well-hidden Rosemead restaurant, doesn’t even have a sign, the menu didn’t give much away, and when our waitress suggested off-the-menu chow mein, we were still distracted by the empty restaurant. Still, as soon as Chef Henry Ng’s chow mein hit the table, we were immediately convinced that this was the right place for dinner. Ng made the fettuccini-like noodles in-house and loaded them with a blizzard of ground pork, scallions, briny dried shrimp and both red and green chilies. The topper: nearly a dozen gigantic shrimp. The flavors were completely harmonious and left a subtle chile sting on our lips that built in intensity with each bite. When the bill arrived, our surprise dish cost $21.95, but it was a bargain considering the massive flavor and generous portion. The Chiu Chow style chow mein could have easily fed four people.

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