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Hainan Chicken Los Angeles

Tasty Food Fried Hainan Chicken [CLOSED]

After I commented on an Instagram post from Caroline Kostiuk (@carolineadobo) about particular Hainan chicken practitioner in the San Gabriel Valley that looked particularly good, she responded with a recommendation for a place that...
Dim Sum Los Angeles

Longo Seafood Restaurant Scallop Dumplings

Considering that L.A. County houses approximately 400,000 Chinese-American people, the dim sum scene moves at a pretty languid pace, even in the community’s San Gabriel Valley epicenter. Decade-old places like Elite Restaurant, Lunasia, and...
Sugar Cane Juice Los Angeles

Quang An Duong Chinese Herb Store Sugar Cane Juice

For years, I always thought I had to go to Little Saigon to score fresh-pressed, Vietnamese-style sugar cane juice, or so I thought. A petite woman named Huong has run Quang An Duong Chinese...
Restaurant Sign Los Angeles

Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant: Deluxe Dim Sum in Rosemead

Dim sum predilections ebb and flow in L.A. One week, a restaurant’s top notch. The next week, a chef’s gone or prices rise and customers flee. Some places that led the pack upon my...
Chinese Restaurant Los Angeles

Shaanxi Gourmet: Counting Sheep (and Noodles) in Rosemead [CLOSED]

Consensus can be a powerful thing, and the idea of straying from it can be intimidating, especially when you’re ordering at a restaurant, and the menu’s in another language. After Shaanxi Gourmet opened in...
Chinese Restaurant Los Angeles

East Gourmet Seafood Restaurant: Redefining Dim Sum Value [CLOSED]

For some people, 20 cents can mean the difference between value and a splurge. That seems to be the case in the San Gabriel Valley, where competition for dim sum business is fierce. East...