What Happens When L.A. Chefs Dine in Their Restaurants

Chefs Los Angeles

Scott Conant, who runs restaurants in multiple cities, joined L.A. lieutenant Freddy Vargas at LAFW.


Pawan Mahendro (Badmaash)

The last I had a meal at the restaurant was last night. I had the badass chicken tikka and a naan bread, a little bit of lentils, and a yogurt raita. It was pretty good, very refreshing. I had a long day yesterday, and coincidentally, I didn’t eat any lunch.

Jeff Mahin (Stella Barra Pizzeria)

Two nights ago, I ate at Stella Barra in Chicago, on the patio. It was at closing, we had other chefs who came. It was amazing. I’m trying to be hyper-critical. It’s always weird eating in your own restaurants, but I had such a good time, especially on the patio. It had just finished raining, so we were the only table, but it was awesome.

Jet Tila

It was in Dallas [at Pakpao] a few months ago. It’s a new part of that restaurant group, so I found some issues and fixed them. You’re always your own worst critic.

Fabio Viviani

I eat in my restaurants all the time, lunch, dinner, brunch. It’s a good way of testing the food. It’s a good way to see if procedure’s kept. It’s a great way to experience the restaurant. You know why? Because I didn’t cook. Somebody else cooked for me, and that is very good.


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