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Frank La (Copa Vida)

One aspect I wish customers valued more is understanding the coffee chain and all the hands that actually touch it. Most people are so unaware that coffee is an agricultural product and as such is handled with the utmost care. From the farmer, to the importer, to the roaster, to the barista, and finally to the consumer, we all act as stewards of the accomplishment of the efforts of those who have touched it. In order for everyone in the chain to be compensated and rewarded properly, we need to be willing and understanding of paying a few more dollars for a product that is not only superior in quality but rewards those who have contributed to that excellence.

Yeekai Lim (Cognoscenti Coffee)

Over a short 4 years working with coffee, I am excited about how much exposure the specialty coffee industry is getting. It’s so great that the collective efforts of so many passionate coffee professionals have made our daily services enjoyable through a natural osmosis of coffee knowledge. As customers’ palettes develop alongside ours, we’ll have the opportunity to be better connected to farmers, importers, and roasters. Coffee also has a long history like wine but the people involved with it, that produce amazing quality coffee have not experienced the same successes. Public awareness will continue to grow and build a better understanding on quality, which in turn, will bridge that disconnect with customer service. Coffee shop’s challenges are about maintaining quality from drink to drink while keeping an open communication from customer to customer. This is by no means an easy task when there’s a line out the door so its forced shops to look at other service models like pubs which may slow sales but has greatly improved our ability to converse with customers. The best experience, IMO, is when one is able to share a cup and a conversation.

Sonny Mediana (Taza. A Social Coffee House)

For us it’s sourcing a variety of the best coffees from different roasters, you can come in everyday and have something different.

Bobby Roshan (Demitasse)

I asked my staff that question and the answer I got back over and over again was that they wished customers would appreciate the incredible amount of effort we go through to make coffee taste amazing as it is. Trust the barista and try the drink before you doctor it up.


Joshua Lurie

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