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Yeekai Lim

Valuing the Specialty Coffee Experience with Los Angeles Pros

I recently asked eight Los Angeles coffee professionals, “What’s one aspect of the specialty coffee experience that customers should value more, and why?” Discover their responses. Christopher “nicely” Abel Alameda (Menotti’s Coffee Stop) Authenticity...
Coffee Los Angeles

Cognoscenti Coffee + Phil & Sebastian Espresso

If you’ve spent any time in a specialty coffeehouse, you’re probably familiar with Belle & Sebastian, Scotland’s indie rock darlings, who sing about fringe characters like the “middle distance runner” and “lazy line painter...
Coffee Los Angeles

Interview: coffee pro Yeekai Lim (Cognoscenti Coffee)

Architect Yeekai Lim’s passion for coffee initially led him to former U.S. Barista Champion Heather Perry, who provided instruction, and to New York City, where he attended Intelligentsia’s workshop. In March 2010, equipped with...