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Valuing the Specialty Coffee Experience with Los Angeles Pros

I recently asked eight Los Angeles coffee professionals, “What’s one aspect of the specialty coffee experience that customers should value more, and why?” Discover their responses. Christopher “nicely” Abel Alameda (Menotti’s Coffee Stop) Authenticity...
Barista Los Angeles

Interview: coffee pro Christopher “nicely” Abel Alameda

Christopher “nicely” Abel Alameda has spent over a decade working in specialty coffee, starting in Seattle with Espresso Vivace. Fellow coffee pro Kyle Glanville (now with G&B) recruited nicely to relocate to L.A. He...
Coffee New York City

Toby’s Estate Geisha Coffee

Toby’s Estate coffee roaster Deaton Pigot, previously with Intelligentsia Los Angeles, mailed me two bags of premium Panamanian Geisha coffee. Hacienda La Esmeralda is the best known example of the prized coffee varietal, but...
Coffee Seattle

Interview: Laila Ghambari (Caffe Ladro Director of Education)

You could say coffee is Laila Ghambari’s blood. The longtime coffee pro grew up visiting the Seattle cafés owed by her father’s coffee company, went on to compete in the 2012 United States Barista...
Coffee San Francisco

Interview: Sightglass Coffee owners Jerad + Justin Morrison

Anticipation was high for Sightglass Coffee when Oregon-born brothers Jerad and Justin Morrison started building their industrial chic coffeehouse and roastery in San Francisco’s SoMa neighborhood in 2009. They opened in full last year,...
Coffee Portland

Interview: coffee pro Brent Fortune

Brent Fortune sold his Portland café and bakery, Crema, but the tireless specialty coffee advocate remains a major player in what’s become a global community. He’s worked on barista championships the world over, co-founded...