Tre Galline: Surviving Adversity and Thriving in Todos Santos

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We started our day’s explorations at the windswept Punta Lobos beach with Tre Galline chef-owner Angelo Dal Bon and his partner Magda Valpiani, to source fish for the night’s meal. At the ready, he had a bucket once held Westco instant macaroon mix, and would soon contain flopping fish, or so we hoped. There never certainty in the surf.

Chef Todos Santos
Minutes after we arrived, a yellow motorboat cut through choppy waves and charged the beach. The vessel wasn’t behaving like a typical fishing boat.

Pelicans Todos Santos
A pick-up truck dragged the boat onto the sand. Potential customers (and pelicans) gathered around as fishermen brought out coolers of conch and spiny lobster, no fish.

Lobster Todos Santos
It wasn’t a good haul, since forceful winds made the ocean especially stingy.

Chef Todos Santos
Angelo paid 200 pesos for 2.2 pounds of spiny lobster, which broke down to about $8 per pound. The creature had striped legs, spiny feet and a flapping tail.

We made a mad dash to visit Campamento Las Playitas to witness the Tortugueros Las Playitas help leatherback hatchlings from their shells and into the ocean, then we reconvened in Todos Santos for a meal at Tre Galline featuring the day’s catch and much more.


, Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico

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