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Sweet cheeks pizza balances house-cured guanciale with cacio e pepe honey.

More people should be talking about Ronan, a new pizzeria-plus next to The Groundlings on Melrose from chef Daniel Cutler and wife/partner Caitlin. The couple’s welcoming family-run restaurant houses a white Neapolitan oven that burns white oak, producing some of the city’s best new pizzas under a Jesus figurine’s watchful gaze.

Ronan serves puffy, pull-apart, Neapolitan-style pizzas with beautifully crispy pock marks, atypical toppings, and cheeky names. Sweet Cheeks ($25) is a variation on the Guanciale pizza Cutler made at Sotto. In this case, he blankets the pizza with ultra savory, fat-streaked. house-cured guanciale (pork cheek) that curls and forms crispy edges in the oven. To layer flavor and texture, Cutler adds fluffy gobs of Puglia-style ricotta forte and cacio e pepe honey with sharp, peppery flavors.

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