Baja California

Birthday Cabo San Lucas

Manta: Harrowing Journey to Celebrate Birthday Dinner in Cabo San Lucas

It was a straight shot on newly completed Highway 19 from Rancho Pescadero to Cabo San Lucas for my wife’s 40th birthday celebration at Manta, the modern Mexican restaurant with Japanese and Peruvian flourishes...
Taco La Paz

Buffalo BBQ Paceño Taco (Food of the Week) [CLOSED]

Buffalo BBQ was one of my favorite restaurants in Baja California Sur during my 2012 culinary tour. Since then, Chef Carlos Valdez moved his flagship Mexican restaurant and grill from the center of La...
Carnitas Baja
Taco Baja

El Sinaloense Fish Taco (Food of the Week)

Northern Baja is the birthplace of the fried fish taco as we know it, but that doesn’t mean Baja California Sur is unfamiliar with the concept. In Ensenada, they double-fry angelito (angel shark) or...
Cocktails Baja

Rancho Pescadero Romero y Julieta Cocktail (Drink of the Week)

Torrential rains, with potholes aplenty and puddles two-feet deep on dirt backroads, signaled my latest arrival at Rancho Pescadero, an idyllic, palm-lined resort along the Pacific Ocean near Todos Santos. Clearly, a drive this...
Restaurant Cabo

Flora’s Field Kitchen: Off-Roading for Farm-to-Table Food

Off-the-beaten-path isn’t so much an adventure as it is a way of life in Baja California Sur, where we came to regard beaten paths with skepticism during a week-long tour. Our final off-road...