Los Angeles Multi-Person Dishes Worth Seeking

Wintertime in L.A. means shorter days that are just cool enough to call for a warming beer and a huge slab of meat to brighten your evening. Since dinner in this great food city isn’t complete without at least one equally hungry dining partner, what could be better than giving these slightly colder L.A. denizens a gigantic dish that feeds more than one person? Scroll down to discover 10 hotspots that serve top Los Angeles multi-person dishes, listed alphabetically.

Cecconi’s // Spicy Whole Chicken // $34

In the heart of West Hollywood, Cecconi’s will dazzle you with its food and ambiance and will probably even provide you with a few star sightings. The training and credentials of Chef Andrea Cavaliere, an Italian with cooking experience under Michelin-starred professionals ensure that his spicy whole chicken with panzanella will tickle the palate of you and your dinner companion.

Chi SPACCA // Triple Bone Veal Rack // $125

Hancock Park’s Chi SPACCA, is an ode to meat in all its glory: the menu reads Italian, but it showcases Chef Chad Colby’s expertise in, and love of, meat! Chi SPACCA is part of the Mozza Restuarant Group Empire, and with food like his triple bone veal rack (yes, that’s 36 ounces cooked alla piastra), we can only hope the empire spreads.

The Dal Rae // Roast Rack of Lamb // $52 per person

Owners Kevin and Lorin Smith maintain the Dal Rae’s heritage of a ’50s steakhouse, this one located in Pico Rivera. The Colorado roast rack of lamb is bouquetiere, herb crusted, with a Burgundy garlic sauce, and is served tableside. Caesar salad and Bananas Foster are also made tableside. Come here prepared for some old-fashioned hospitality and a hearty meal.

Dha Rae Oak // Whole Oven Baked Duck // $60, requires 4 hours advance notice

This duck-centric Korean restaurant from Chef Chung Mi Rae and husband Kim Gil Rae is a great place to get charcoal-grilled quacker at any point, but with advance notice, why not upgrade to a unique roast duck? The bird cooks inside an egg-shaped clay oven and contains a savory stuffing of glutinous purple five-grain rice, ginkgo nuts, seeds, sweet potato, chestnuts and walnuts. -Josh Lurie

The Gorbals // Pig Head // $59, requires 24 hours advance notice [CLOSED]
(photo courtesy of The Gorbals)

Pork Los Angeles

A pig head is not something you see on most menus. However, “Top Chef” season two winner Ilan Hall created no ordinary menu. Nor is the restaurant on an ordinary corner. The Gorbals lives inside the Alexandria Hotel deep in Downtown LA. The menu has bacon-wrapped matzoh balls, jalapeño poutine, the best sticky toffee pudding you’ve probably ever tasted, and even a $10 round of beers for the kitchen. So seeing a pig head kind of makes sense; it’s 10 pounds, split in half on a large tray, and serves the table. [The Gorbals]


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