Top 10 Los Angeles Pork Dishes of 2012

Pork Los Angeles

Every Tuesday, Dose of Vitamin P celebrates my favorite pork dish from the previous week. To end the year, here are my 10 favorite Doses of Vitamin P from Los Angeles in 2012.

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Numbered establishments on the map correspond to information below for easy reference.

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1. Cooks County Grilled Pork Loin Sandwich [CLOSED]

2. Front Page Jamaican Grille Jerk Pork

Pork Los Angeles

3. Maximiliano Applewood Smoked Bacon

Pork Los Angeles

4. Milo & Olive Sausage & Grits

Pork Los Angeles

5. Porchetta Truck Porchetta Sandwich

Pork Los Angeles



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Most food lists suck. This one emphatically does NOT. Really great job!

BTW, does Funke’s porchetta truck have a schedule? There’s not much info on his twitter.

Thanks, Bigmouth. Funke seems to wait until the last minute to release info about Porchetta Truck’s whereabouts. I know they clock a lot of time outside The Dime on Fairfax. Check on for updates. Also, you might be interested to know that Funke might keep the porchetta truck on L.A. streets, even after Bucato opens, since they’ll be making porchetta anyway at the restaurant.

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