Tacolandia: Turning Hollywood into L.A.’s Taco Epicenter

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Mexican Food Los Angeles

On June 23, the Hollywood Palladium, an iconic live music venue that dates to 1940, played host to Tacolandia, a first-time event from LA Weekly. Street Gourmet LA founder Bill Esparza curated the taco vendors, which descended on Hollywood from as far away as Ensenada. More than 1000 people enjoyed tacos, and we sure get the sense there may very well be more Tacolandias. Here are some of the event’s highlights.

Concert Venue Los Angeles
The Hollywood Palladium parking lot hosted LA Weekly’s inaugural Tacolandia event.

Food Festival Los Angeles
Adriana Michelle Davalos, Miss Los Angeles Latina, joined Tacolandia curator Bill Esparza.

Tacos Los Angeles
La Guerrerense founder Sabina Bandera and family are fresh off an appearance at the World Streetfood Congress and drove up from Ensenada to deliver Sea Urchin & Clam Tostadas and Yellowtail Pate Tostadas with a flurry of flavorful salsas.

Chefs Los Angeles
La Monarca Bakery founder Ricardo Cervantes joined Mexikosher chef-owner Katsuji Tanabe between bites.

Taco Los Angeles
Guerrilla Tacos chef-owner Wesley Avila crafted a crudo tostada with silky Copper River salmon and bursting cherry tomatoes, keeping in season as always.

Taco Los Angeles
George’s at the Cove was a surprising entry from La Jolla. Trey Foshee prepared an achiote cured snapper taco with crispy fish skin, cilantro and crunchy purple cabbage.

Chef San Diego
Foshee has been cooking at multi-faceted George’s at the Cove for over a decade.

Taco Los Angeles
Coni’seafood made smoked marlin tacos with Monterey Jack, avocado and habanero salsa.

Tacos Leo brought their signature trompo to prepare al pastor (pictured above).

Taco Los Angeles
Bizarra Capital contributed house-made chorizo tacos with a black bean puree base.

Chefs Los Angeles
Bizarra Capital chef-owner Ricardo Diaz recruited The Bottle Room chef-owner Tony Alcazar (second from left) as his Tacolandia sous chef.

Taco Los Angeles
SOL Cocina traveled from Newport Beach to serve goat cheese tostadas with piloncillo salsa.

Taco Los Angeles
Mexikosher is, you guessed it, a Mexican Kosher restaurant. That means no pork or dairy. However, you will find matzo albondigas with chipotle sauce, Serrano aioli, chopped egg, and turmeric rice.

Taco Los Angeles
Ricardo Zarate & Stephane Bombet of Mo-chica, Picca and Paiche prepared tacu tacu tacos with carnitas, riffing on a classic Peruvian dish.

Taco Los Angeles
Spirit House Bar chef Johnny Lee served cha siu pork tacos, bringing classic Chinese roast pork flavor. After all, they are located in a Chinese-American stronghold, Monterey Park.

Taco Los Angeles
Soho Taco prepared a limited supply of deluxe lobster tacos with chipotle crema, pico de gallo, cotija and shredded cabbage on blue corn tortillas.

Taco Los Angeles
Tacos Arabes de Puebla truck parks on the corner of Olympic Boulevard & Esperanza in Boyle Heights. They made classic Pueblan tacos of marinated pork in folded over flour tortillas.

Taco Los Angeles
Javier Plascencia didn’t make the trek from Tijuana, but his Mision 19 team delivered a terrific taco of fideo flecked with beef tripe and cow udder.


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