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Tony Alcazar

Craft Beer Los Angeles

Harlowe’s, L.A. Gold + The Rarest Experience

It is assumed that wine and cocktails are to be added to the mix when one goes to a restaurant. Independent, local beer is still mostly an afterthought, even to famous chefs. But Tony...
Sandwich Los Angeles

Harlowe’s French Dip Pork Dip (Dose of Vitamin P)

Los Angeles is the undisputed French dip capital of the world, with Philippe’s and Cole’s both vying for inventor credit way back in 1908. I’ve always been partial to Phillipe’s, but regardless, Los Angeles...
Craft Beer Los Angeles

Dream Customer Walks Into a Craft Beer Bar

There’s no telling who might step up to a bar and order a beer, especially in a city like Los Angeles. I asked eight craft beer professionals, who all own or manage leading establishments,...
Chef Los Angeles

The Bottle Room: Craft Beer + Comfort Food in Whittier [CLOSED]

Chef Tony Alcazar presides over The Bottle Room, a brick-walled gastropub in Uptown Whittier that he co-owns with a pair of firefighters. Craft beer lovers already view The Bottle Room as a destination thanks...
Mexican Food Los Angeles

Tacolandia: Turning Hollywood into L.A.’s Taco Epicenter

On June 23, the Hollywood Palladium, an iconic live music venue that dates to 1940, played host to Tacolandia, a first-time event from LA Weekly. Street Gourmet LA founder Bill Esparza curated the taco...
Craft Beer Los Angeles

Interview: Beer Pro Tony Alcazar (The Bottle Room)

Tony Alcazar has been making sure that the City of Whittier has been both well fed and well stocked with craft beer via The Bottle Room in Uptown. We recently traded e-mails with Chef...