Sul & Beans Injeolmi Bingsoo (Food of the Week)

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Look Up. It’s a popular hashtag on Instagram, but more than anything, it’s a reminder to look beyond what’s clearly visible. Koreatown is a great example of this ethos, where great food and drink is available in shopping mall food courts, down side streets and back alleys. Sul & Beans is a popular Korean dessert stop on the second floor of Madang Plaza, right near the Wiltern and a Metro stop, but still out of sight to anybody driving down Western Avenue.

The sprawling café, which also serves elaborate toasts and fruity jarred drinks, specializes in the Korean shaved ice dessert called bingsoo. They have flavors like mango and strawberry, but unless you order them during the proper season, bland fruit is inevitable. However, Injeolmi Bingsoo ($7.95) is a year-round hit. Expect an oversized bowl with multiple layers of airy shaved ice and soybean powder, with chewy mochi and crunchy and caramelized almond shavings up top. Sweetened condensed milk hides at the base and comes in a sidecar. Add a bowl of earthy, sweetened red bean for a buck, which is well worth the investment.

Address: 621 Western Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90005

Sul & Beans Injeolmi Bingsoo (Food of the Week)


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