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Dessert Kauai

Village Snack & Bakery Chocolate Haupia Slice

Village Snack & Bakery is a humble Hanalei restaurant from Narcisa Concepcion located in the back row of Ching Young Village with worn blue benches inside, old black and white photos of the area,...
Dessert San Francisco

Rich Table Watermelon Sundae

Picture the best granola you’ve ever eaten, with crunchy chunks of grains and nuts, your favorite milk and fresh fruit. That’s a pretty damn good, but no breakfast granola can touch the Watermelon Sundae...
Dessert Los Angeles

Sul & Beans Injeolmi Bingsoo

Look Up. It’s a popular hashtag on Instagram, but more than anything, it’s a reminder to look beyond what’s clearly visible. Koreatown is a great example of this ethos, where great food and drink...
Dessert Los Angeles

Odys + Penelope Apple Almond Toast [CLOSED]

It shouldn’t be long before Karen Hatfield is celebrated as one of the country’s leading pastry chefs. Sure, she was already turning out serious desserts at Hatfield’s, the high-end restaurant she just closed with...
Dessert Los Angeles

Huckleberry Bakery & Cafe Coffee Pudding

Max and Eli Sussman have been on a culinary tear, publishing three cookbooks since 2008 while making names for themselves in some of New York’s best, most approachable restaurants, including The Breslin, Roberta’s and...
Dessert San Francisco

SPQR Blond Chocolate Panna Cotta

It threw me off to see $13 desserts on the menu at SPQR, which is basically a neighborhood Italian restaurant. Or it was back when Nate Appleman was in the kitchen. Clearly, my impressions...