Rich Table Watermelon Sundae (Food of the Week)

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Picture the best granola you’ve ever eaten, with crunchy chunks of grains and nuts, your favorite milk and fresh fruit. That’s a pretty damn good, but no breakfast granola can touch the Watermelon Sundae dessert I recently enjoyed at Rich Table. At the contemporary California restaurant in San Francisco’s Hayes Valley from chefs Evan Rich + Sarah Rich, they recently closed dinner with a terrific dessert that was clearly inspired by a bowl of granola.

Their Watermelon Sundae ($11) starred squares of juicy watermelon, tiny scoops of tangy buttermilk ice cream, basil for savory’s sake, and popped sorghum crunch made with the grassy, caramel-like sweetener that’s popular in the South. This was a great bowl of food that I would be just as happy to eat for breakfast or dessert, even if they don’t call it granola.

Address: 199 Gough Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

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