Museums That Chefs Visit

Chef Dallas

Dean Fearing had a positive experience at the new Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas.


Carla Hall

The last museum that I went to was the Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, D.C. I also went to see the American History Museum in New York.

Jose Garces

Philadelphia Art Museum. It’s right by my house. I used to go there regularly, but recently, I took my kids there.

Clark Frasier + Mark Gaier (Arrows, MC Perkins Cove, MC Medici)

Frasier: We went to the Villa Strozzi in Florence and saw an incredible exhibit about Fascism. Anti-Fascist and Fascist art together. I personally thought it was an amazing exhibit. They had back to back, pro “Isn’t it wonderful, Mussolini?” Or, “Isn’t Hitler the most wonderful guy in the world?” juxtaposed with artists showing how evil they were.

Gaier: I think you liked it more than I did. It was long.

Tyler Florence

I had this wild hair – I was flying to New York on Virgin American Airlines – I was watching this documentary on Leonardo Da Vinci – and I ran into the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and I just wanted to go see Da Vinci. They didn’t really have any. They said they had some drawings, but they weren’t really on display. That was about three months ago, but I enjoy that. I like going to museums by myself.

Dean Fearing (Fearing’s at The Ritz-Carlton, Dallas)

That would be Dallas. It’s definitely the new Perot Science Museum that just opened up in Dallas. Great!

Abram Bissell (The NoMad)

Museum of Natural History. I go at least once a year.


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