Mister Bossam L.A. Grilled Cheese Spicy Pork Ribs

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Mister Bossam combines the marvels of pork ribs and corn cheese on cast iron.

The world apparently wasn’t ready for a restaurant that specializes in spicy baby octopus. Koreatown may have lost Yong Du Dong, but the space is still well off thanks to Mister Bossam. The mythical man, who appears in a cartoon logo sporting a bandanna and pointing thumbs up, is best known for bossam, lettuce wrapped pork belly and fixings in flavors like garlic, green onion, and “All Star,” with an option to substitute pork jowl. However, L.A. Grilled Cheese Spicy Baby Pork Ribs ($29.99) brought me back to the indoor-outdoor space.

Choose a spice level you’re comfortable with, whether it’s regular, spicy, or very spicy. That last option appears in red lettering on a laminated menu for a reason. From there, servers bring a round cast iron skillet, which stays hot atop a box of flaming sterno. Three meaty chile sauce soaked ribs appear on a bed of shredded mozzarella cheese and corn kernels, better known in K-Town as “corn cheese.” Pickled jalapeño-topped cheese melts and gets crusty on the hot pan, and spicy chile sauce seeps from the ribs. Compartments ring the center circle, holding sliced mushrooms, a fluffy scallion-studded egg moat, sugar-dusted baby potatoes and pineapple chunks. A server will cut your ribs into manageable chunks using scissors. At the end, they’ll create fried rice with whatever remains, plus a cracked egg in the middle. At this point, cheese, sauce, pork juices and ribs are all at their crustiest, which is a good thing.

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Mister Bossam L.A. Grilled Cheese Spicy Pork Ribs


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