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Strawberry jam, fresh market strawberries and vanilla custard grace Milo & Olive's tantalizing kouign amann.

For most bakers, it would be more than satisfying to deliver a simple kouign amann, the flaky, buttery, Brittany-style pastry that’s become increasingly prevalent in Los Angeles and throughout the United States. Thankfully, Zoe Nathan, of of L.A.’s leading pastry stars, decided to use her kouign as a trampoline for deliciousness, first at Huckleberry, and now at Milo & Olive, the Rustic Canyon Restaurant Group’s sister establishment in Santa Monica.

Last week, in the middle of prep for the second annual Father’s Day CollaBREWtive Brunch, which took place in Santa Monica, I swung by Milo & Olive for breakfast and discovered a Kouign Amann Strawberry Tart ($5.50). Nathan and her team filled a sheet pan with flaky kouign amann crust and piled on a thick slab of creamy vanilla custard, strawberry jam that cascaded down the sides of my slice, and fresh strawberries up top that were bright red, at the pinnacle of ripeness, and no doubt from the beach city’s irreproachable farmers market. The proof that a kouign amann didn’t have to be the end result pretty much blew my mind.


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Everything I’ve had at Milo + Olive is ridiculously yummy. The list includes strawberry scone, sweet cream brioche and prosciutto and gruyere croissant. And quiche!!

THIS SOUNDS AMAZING! I need to try this.

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