Staying Active, Then and Now, with Los Angeles Chefs

Chef Los Angeles

A bearded Christian Page wrestled in high school, and plays squash to stay fit these days.

On March 4, longtime LA Weekly, restaurant critic Jonathan Gold gathered about 50 of his favorite chefs at the Petersen Automotive Museum for Gold Standard 2012, a flavorful sendoff before he moved across town to the LA Times. At the event, we asked participating chefs a series questions, including Did you play any sports in high school? And, What sports do you play these days? Read their responses.

Roy Choi (Kogi BBQ, Chego, A-Frame + Sunny Spot)

[In high school] I played track, basketball, golf and baseball.

[These days] A little bit of basketball, a little bit of golf, and that’s about it.

Ian Gresik (Drago Centro)

[In high school] I was actually on the surf team, which isn’t really a sport, but athletic enough for me.

These days, restocking the pantry is considered a sport for me. That’s what I do now.

David LeFevre (M.B. Post)

[In high school] I was an all-state forward playing soccer, and I still to this day have the record for most goals and assists in one season. 29 goals, 14 assists, in one season. That’s only 16 games, by the way, and I’m not going to pay homage to the past. We’re moving forward, but I was a major goal scorer.

[These days] I swim four times a week and I run twice a week, because I’m training for a triathlon. If you couldn’t tell by my svelte body, I’m doing exceptionally well in the training process.

Gary Menes (Le Comptoir LA)

I did play sports in high school. I played football. I played volleyball, and a little bit of baseball. That didn’t end too good.

These days, I don’t do any organized sports, but I do work out religiously. Working out, meaning I do a lot of cardiovascular. I do a lot of circuit training as well. I’m just trying to eat better, and for a year now, I’ve kept off the 40 pounds that I lost. In high school, I was built like a gypsy’s dog, built, and then I started to cook and then life just takes off from there. We get out at 3 a.m. and eat ‘til 4, and go right to sleep until we go back to work.

Bryant Ng (The Spice Table)

[In high school] I played tennis, and golf.

[These days] Not at all. I have no time. My only day off is Sundays, ‘cause those are the only days that we’re closed, and I get rest on those days.

Christian Page (Short Order)

[In high school] Wrestling.

[These days] Squash, baby, squash. And what’s that gym I joined? CrossFit.

Jimmy Shaw (Loteria Grill)

Badly, but yes. I played baseball and soccer at school, but mostly baseball.

[These days] Not very much. Going to the gym, that’s it.


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