La Casita Mexicana: 17-Course Feast in Bell

Mexican Restaurant Los Angeles


Incredible on-the-menu enchiladas were filled with cotija cheese and smothered in a spicy salsa roja that penetrated the corn tortillas to great effect.

Mexican Food Los Angeles
Cochinita pibil, spice-marinated chunks of tender seared pork, were served with a dish of pickled onions and habaneros that packed some serious kick.

Mexican Food Los Angeles
White mole with juicy sliced chicken breast, colored and flavored with white chocolate, white almonds, pine nuts and white onion.

Mexican Food Los Angeles
The recipe for pork adobo comes from Jaime’s grandmother, who taught him to utilize ancho, guajillo and chile de arbol, plus garlic and onion. It was kind of sweet considering how many types of chilies were used, which helped to prove their point about mastery the pod.

Mexican Food Los Angeles
Cecina was a thin seared steak topped with smoky chipotle tomato sauce.

Mexican Food Los Angeles
La Casita Mexicana usually offers sea bass fillets steamed in banana leaves, but this was the first time they covered the fish with tangy tamarind sauce. No surprise: it worked.

Mexican Food Los Angeles
Chile en nogada was loaded with luscious ground beef and coated in pecan cream sauce and bursting pomegranate seeds.

Mexican Food Los Angeles
Perfect sugar-dusted churros were piped with dulce de leche, served hot and topped with a single mint leaf.

Mexican Food Los Angeles
Strips of grapefruit candied with brown sugar (piconcillo) were served with a dish of Mexican chocolate dipping sauce and a cup of Hibiscus punch floating with chopped Puebla pecans. Jaime fished into the punch with a spoon and emerged with a sweet sinker of small Mexican apple. Nice surprise.

Mexican Food Los Angeles
A massive sheet of Calabaza de Castilla flan was made from a big green pumpkin with dark orange “meat.” The sweet flan also incorporated brown sugar, cinnamon and milk. If you look in the top left corner, you can see a Blackberry, to get a sense for the scale.

Mexican Food Los Angeles
For the zucchini and sweet potato flan, zucchini flower imparted almost a bitter element. Very complex.

Before we left, Ramiro said their mission is “to make the most authentic Mexican food possible.” They’re already doing it, and once they expand next door later this year, they’ll be able to offer a “bigger taste of Mexico.”. Considering this meal was a sign of meals to come, the expansion should be epic.


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