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Charcuterie Los Angeles

Decoding the L.A. Restaurant Scene: 20 Years Past and Future

I recently spoke to the Culinary Historians of Southern California at the LAPL Central Library. My talk, titled “Decoding the L.A. Restaurant Scene: 20 Years Past and Future” assessed the past two decades and...
Chefs Los Angeles

Interview: chefs Jaime Martin del Campo and Ramiro Arvizu

Jaime Martin del Campo and Ramiro Arvizu, both born in the Mexican state of Jalisco, met while working for airlines with adjacent offices in Los Angeles. They shared a passion for cooking, and they...
Quinoa Los Angeles

Top Los Angeles Dining Options Between Lunch and Dinner

Have you ever been stuck hungry in the midst of that no-man’s land time between lunch and dinner with no good restaurant options? Or perhaps you’ve just had a mental block as to what...
Mexican Food Los Angeles

La Casita Mexicana Chamorros de Res Adobados (Food of the Week)

Instead of stepping into the snare of a restaurant offering a limited menu at a poor value for Valentine’s Day, as so many people do, I took my Valentine to Bell to experience the...
Mexican Breakfast Los Angeles

La Casita Mexicana (Breakfast): Brilliant Chilaquiles in Bell

The most frustrating aspect of covering restaurants is my inability to eat where I want, since a good chunk of my career revolves around what’s new or upcoming. Proven winners would make my regular...
Taco Los Angeles

Taco Task Force: Los Angeles Potato Tacos

The Taco Task Force previously tackled Baja style fish tacos and birria. With some hope, and more than a little trepidation, Bill Esparza of Street Gourmet L.A., Javier Cabral (The Glutster) and I reconvened...