Kashcool Kitchen Home Style Doogh (Drink of the Week)

Persian Drink Los Angeles

Kashcool Kitchen makes the savory Persian yogurt drink doogh in Van Nuys.

Even in a city like Los Angeles that has such a rich Persian culinary history and the population to support a thriving restaurant scene, Kashcool Kitchen still stands out. Mahtab Javadian-Saraf and husband Farhad Mehrtash run the humble family-run establishment in Van Nuys after relocating three times since 1969, with roots in Mashad, Iran.

Kashcool Home Style Doogh ($3) is the restaurant’s signature 16-ounce drink. The tangy, savory yogurt beverage is seasoned with salt and proprietary herbs, including a shower of dried mint up top and a secret herb from Iran that Javadian-Saraf says “lets you relax.” Doogh is a cooling contrast to Kashcool’s juicy grilled meats.

Kashcool Kitchen Home Style Doogh (Drink of the Week)


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