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Van Nuys

Persian Drink Los Angeles

Kashcool Kitchen Home Style Doogh (Drink of the Week)

Even in a city like Los Angeles that has such a rich Persian culinary history and the population to support a thriving restaurant scene, Kashcool Kitchen still stands out. Mahtab Javadian-Saraf and husband Farhad...
Filipino Food Los Angeles

Lechon de Manila (Dose of Vitamin P)

At fast casual Filipino restaurants featuring turo-turo (point point) service, it pays to look beyond steam bins and whatever meats are incubating under heat lamps. At Lechon de Manila, a tiny cafeteria-style cafe that...
Craft Beer Los Angeles

Even More Bagpipe for Los Angeles Craft Beer Scene

Barclay Perkins 1941, Old Toasty and Jahr of Porter. With names like that you know you are in the realm of MacLeod Ale Brewing Co. You may hear bagpipes as you approach their tap...
Craft Beer Los Angeles

Interview: MacLeod Ale Brewing Co. beer pros

Another brewery is fermenting in the Valley, MacLeod Ale Brewing Company will be a seven-barrel production brewery with a tasting room in the heart of the San Fernando Valley, in Van Nuys. The crew...
Restaurant Sign Los Angeles

Takatis: Wood-Fired Pollo and Peruvian Flavor in Van Nuys

Downtown’s California Plaza was the last place I expected to find a business card promoting a Peruvian restaurant in distant Van Nuys, but Starry Kitchen co-owner Nguyen Tran is a vocal supporter of the...
Restaurant Sign Los Angeles

Kebab Halebi: Carrying on Syrian Traditions in Van Nuys

On Christmas Eve, Raffy Ghadanian e-mailed, complete with a link to a YouTube video, to inform me that he and his brother George are “the original descendants of the dishes you enjoyed at Kokos...