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At Guerrilla Tacos is one of the few places, mobile or otherwise, where I eat on a regular basis. Depending on the day, chef Wes Avila might serve Hawaiian-inspired poke, Armenian-influenced soujouk preparations, and more often than not, a delectable ode to pork.

Cook Pigs pork, raised using sustainable practices, makes frequent appearances on Avila’s board, but last weekend, he decided to go wild, as in Wild Boar Picadillo ($5). Picadillo has found a home in several Latin countries, including Cuba and Mexico, and frequently focuses on ground beef. However, in Avila’s hands, crumbled, well-spiced boar becomes crusty on the griddle and joins sweet Brentwood corn, toasty pine nuts, chile de arbol salsa, punchy strands of pickled onion and a liberal thatch of cilantro in a hearty corn tortilla.

Dose of Vitamin P spotlights my favorite pork dish from the previous week.


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Got to try that boar picadillo today… so good!

Lucky you, Bigmouth. Glad to hear boar picadillo is back!

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