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Pastor Mexico City

El Huequito Taco Sencillo (Dose of Vitamin P)

My Club Tengo Hambre tour of Mexico City’s Centro Historico with host Mariana Goméz Rubio started at Palacio de Bellas Artes. From there, we navigated one market and made six notable street food stops,...
Taco Los Angeles

La Huesuda Tacos La Costilla Taco (Dose of Vitamin P)

Craft breweries rarely serve food, and since food has been known to keep people in front of pints longer, they provide a platform for food trucks and chefs who set up stands to sell...
Tacos San Diego

Tacos El Gordo Pork Adobada Taco (Dose of Vitamin P)

Chula Vista, a San Diego neighborhood mere stops from the Mexican border, is one of the best places to find our neighbor’s cuisine in SoCal. Some restaurants have even started to expand from Tijuana....
Taco Baja

Buffalo BBQ Paceño Taco (Food of the Week)

Buffalo BBQ was one of my favorite restaurants in Baja California Sur during my 2012 culinary tour. Since then, Chef Carlos Valdez moved his flagship Mexican restaurant and grill from the center of La...
Taco Baja

El Sinaloense Fish Taco (Food of the Week)

Northern Baja is the birthplace of the fried fish taco as we know it, but that doesn’t mean Baja California Sur is unfamiliar with the concept. In Ensenada, they double-fry angelito (angel shark) or...
Taco Los Angeles

Guerrilla Tacos Wild Boar Picadillo Taco (Dose of Vitamin P)

At Guerrilla Tacos is one of the few places, mobile or otherwise, where I eat on a regular basis. Depending on the day, chef Wes Avila might serve Hawaiian-inspired poke, Armenian-influenced soujouk preparations, and...