Outerlands Donuts (Food of the Week)

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Sometimes, Instagram isn’t so much a pastime as it is a call to arms. When Outerlands pastry chef Brooke Mosley, previously of Whist and The Tasting Kitchen in L.A., posted about Saturday-only donuts, they not only became imperative to try, they also became the reason to extend a San Francisco stay for an extra day, which turned out to be worth the wait.

Outerlands, the Outer Sunset restaurant from David Muller and Lana Porcello with a signature reclaimed wood vortex, has improved markedly since my initial visit in 2009. Now the long wait for brunch is justifiable, and not just for any dish that tops Muller’s terrific bread. Mosley has upped the restaurant’s pastry game in time for Outerlands’ impending expansion with options like limited edition donuts. No, Mosley doesn’t have a deep fryer, yet, so she’s resorted to a stovetop pot full of bubbling oil. She said the process takes about 45 minutes, and there’s an unofficial limit on donut purchases, so more people can experience them. The Saturday-only donuts change weekly based on seasonal ingredients. During my visit, she made roasted yam cake donuts with vanilla glaze, and even better, airy brioche balls coated with yuzu glaze, toasted coconut shavings and candied citrus. If Mosley is already a player in the donut game, imagine what she can accomplish with proper equipment.

Address: 4001 Judah Street, San Francisco, CA 94122

Outerlands Donuts (Food of the Week)

4001 Judah Street San Francisco CA 94122

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