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Brooke Mosley

Donuts San Francisco

Outerlands Donuts

Sometimes, Instagram isn’t so much a pastime as it is a call to arms. When Outerlands pastry chef Brooke Mosley, previously of Whist and The Tasting Kitchen in L.A., posted about Saturday-only donuts, they...
Breakfast Los Angeles

The Parish (Breakfast): First Crack at the Fashion District [CLOSED]

A pie-shaped space in downtown L.A.’s Fashion District, long the domain of Café Angelique, received a recent upgrade thanks to the owners of The Tasting Kitchen. An upstairs dining room and bar showcase modern...
Hotel Sign Santa Monica

Whist: Staying Relevant in Trendy Santa Monica [CLOSED]

In a cutting-edge city like Los Angeles, seven years is an eternity, and to remain relevant after a span that long is asking a lot. When the Viceroy debuted in Santa Monica in 2002...
Plates Los Angeles

Whist: Poolside Dining with Wearstler Design and Cali Cuisine [CLOSED]

I last ate at Whist in 2002, while celebrating my birthday on the patio of the freshly redesigned Viceroy. I remember enjoying the meal, but for whatever reason, wasn’t especially compelled to return. Thanks...