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Donuts Orange County

Restaurant Marin Donut Holes (Food of the Week)

Marin Blöm and chef/partner Noah Blöm have made a huge impact at The OC Mix in Costa Mesa. Arc is Orange County’s leading wood-fired cooking practitioner, and Shuck Oyster Bar has fun with the...
Donut Kyoto

Floresta Pig Nature Doughnut (Dose of Vitamin P)

It makes sense that Floresta Nature Doughnuts originated in 2002 in Nara, a city famed for a park with sacred roving deer. Floresta features donuts coated in colorful edible shells that depict animals like...
Breakfast Sandwich San Diego

Devil’s Dozen Donut Breakfast Sandwich (Dose of Vitamin P)

Little Italy has proven to be an epicenter for culinary innovation in San Diego, with successful mash-ups and off-menu gems like the donut breakfast sandwich at Devil’s Dozen. This industrial, two-story donut shop from...
Donuts Los Angeles

Isa Fabro Malas (Food of the Week)

At Unit 120, “LA’s Culinary Incubator” from chef Alvin Cailan in Chinatown’s Far East Plaza, plenty of talented people pass through the kitchen each day. This month, pastry chef Isa Fabro started popping up...
Chef Southern California

Interview: chef Brooke Desprez (Sidecar Doughnuts)

City of Orange native and longtime caterer Brooke Desprez teamed with Chi-lin Pendergrast and husband Sumter on Sidecar Doughnuts in 2012. The Costa Mesa hit now has a branch in Santa Monica. Learn more...
Donut Sign San Francisco

Dynamo Donuts + Coffee: Classic Combo Thrives in Marina

Frankenstein’s monster sprang to life after getting jolted with lightning. The Dynamo Donuts + Coffee logo also features a lightning bolt, but instead of creating something ghastly, the lightning just powers a mixer that...