Lukshon Beef & Broccoli [CLOSED]

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In Chinese cuisine, beef and broccoli is typically one of the more pedestrian standbys, but not at Lukshon in Culver City’s Helms Bakery complex, where chef Sang Yoon elevated the dish to destination status. For dineLA Restaurant Week, Lukshon offered a high value $25 dinner menu, and each diner received three credits to use on a list of 11 dishes. Beef & Broccoli was the only dish that ate two credits, which was worth it. Slices of Prime hanger steak sported winning sears and arrived to our specification: medium rare, closer to rare. Grilled gai lan indeed qualified as broccoli, and the slightly bitter stalks and leaves helped to tame the richness of the savory black bean ghee, which blanketed the rosy meat. Lukshon’s clever topping consisted of puffed tendon, a crunchy bovine third cousin to chicharrones.

Address: 3239 Helms Avenue

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