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Meatballs Los Angeles

Cassia Pork Meatballs with Cashew Curry (Dose of Vitamin P)

At Cassia, the modern Southeast Asian brasserie from chef Bryant Ng, Kim Luu-Ng, Josh Loeb, and Zoe Nathan in Santa Monica, they ostensibly focus on Singaporean and Vietnamese flavors, but extend their sphere of...
Asian Food Los Angeles

StopBye Cafe BB Bye (Dose of Vitamin P)

StopBye Cafe, a 405 freeway-friendly cafe from chef Justin Tulus, an Indonesia native and Lukshon alum, and partner Tom, opened in the summer of 2016 in a Lawndale strip mall. The space previously housed...
Asian Food Los Angeles

Banh Oui Shrimp Toast (Food of the Week)

With Los Angeles real estate prices at a premium, food-focused entrepreneurs have been forced to get increasingly creative to serve food to the public. No longer are pop-ups the only game in town. Food...
Asian Food Los Angeles

Cassia Grilled Beef Tripe (Food of the Week)

As much as I enjoyed The Spice Table, the late great Southeast Asian restaurant from Bryant Ng and Kim Luu-Ng in Little Tokyo, I enjoy the couple’s new Santa Monica restaurant with Josh Loeb...
Restaurateurs Los Angeles

Cassia: Modern Asian Brasserie in Santa Monica

Chef Bryant Ng and Kim Luu-Ng, who earned national acclaim at the late great Spice Table, teamed with Josh Loeb and Zoe Nathan on Cassia, an ambitious Asian brasserie in Santa Monica that draws...
Chicken Wings Los Angeles

Komodo Hot Chicken (Food of the Week) [CLOSED]

I went to college at Vanderbilt, and one of Nashville’s dishes I miss most is definitely hot chicken, an incendiary bird cooked in a cast iron skillet, coated in eye-popping quantities of cayenne, and...