Cooks County Chocolate Donuts [CLOSED]

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There’s a difference between confident and cocky, and when you’ve got stupendous culinary talent like Cooks County pastry chef and co-owner Roxana Jullapat, there’s no problem with firing off an Instagram message that reads, “Chocolate donuts are hard to make but these are #fuckingdelicious.” One look at her shimmering tower of donuts, cascading with chocolate sauce, made it clear she had the goods to back up the talk. Based on my experience, she always does, so later that night, my girlfriend and I set out for one of my favorite Mid-City restaurants to eat dinner, but more importantly, to order those #fuckingdelicious donuts.

Chocolate Donuts ($10) consisted of a pair of moist chocolate cake rings that were dark as night, dusted with sugar, caramelized and pleasantly chewy outside. Jullapat anchored the donuts to the Heath plate with raspberry preserves and sweet tart raspberry chip ice cream. These donuts were a towering dessert achievement, but for some reason, they didn’t feature the chocolate sauce that initially drew us in, but they sure lived up to the hashtag.

Address: 8009 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90048

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