Faicco’s Pork Store: Gathering Savory Intel in Greenwich Village

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Italian Deli New York City

Faicco's has been an Italian institution in Greenwich Village since 1900.

Some establishments prove all too easy to bypass. Growing up, we’d always walk by Faicco’s Pork Store on the way to John’s Pizzeria, which was our go-to pizza spot at the time. Years later, it took a friend telling me about their sausage rolls to motivate a mission to the 110-year-old butcher shop and deli.

Faicco’s is a Greenwich Village institution that Sorrento native Edward Faicco founded in 1900 and son Joseph relocated to its current location in the 1940s.

Italian Deli New York City

Faicco’s packs a lot of Italian flavor into their small storefront.

Grab-and-go red sauce Italian food includes Parm, roast beef and pork, arancini, and fried ravioli. The business also sells snacks like olives, carry Parisi bread and present tantalizing coils of house-made sausage. Unfortunately, they only have my friend’s favorite item – sausage rolls – on Saturday. Too bad, since the combo of sausage, Parisi dough, Parmiggiano-Reggiano and ricotta sounds amazing. Still, they did have more than enough to sustain me for breakfast and the plane ride back to LAX.

Sandwich New York City

My Chicken Cutlet ($9) sandwich featured crisp crusted dark meat filets sporting light batter, and hot from the fryer. They layered fresh, springy mozzarella and house-made pesto on sesame-studded hoagie bread.

Italian Food New York City

Homemade Prosciutto Bread ($3) was chewy and nearly bagel shaped, but with no space in the middle. They filled the lopsided roll with a garlicky mince of salumi that packed a wallop.

Since I don’t live in New York City, and considering they didn’t have the lauded sausage rolls, I’ll have to consider my first visit to Faicco’s more of a fact-finding mission.


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